An experiment in a new form of graffiti.
Who is Well I Wonder?
Well I Wonder is my alter ego. It is that little voice inside my head that likes to yell at idiocy. It is the little voice that makes me roll my eyes at the person who has 15 items in the ten items or less express lane. It is the voice that yells at a person driving slowly in the fast lane. Sadly, he sometimes isn't politically correct. 
 My name is Lewis J. Crawford. I am an artist and educator who usually creates mixed-media photography. I "officially" created WiW in 2008 while I was in graduate school, but I know he existed way before that. It started as an exploration into visual language, mainly how people see and interpret graffiti. At first, I pretended he was real and I was his superfan. Eventually, I owned up to the fact he was part of me. He usually makes virtual graffiti or prints. He likes the printmaking processes. 
I know the "blue humor" in WiW's artwork stems from being a member of the LGBTQ+ community and a GenXer. The sarcasm, snark, and satire are coping mechanisms for my childhood trauma. They manifest as that little voice. Laughter is the best medicine, so that's what I'm trying to do: make you laugh. The world can be absurd these days, so let's flip the narrative, sit back, laugh, and heal.
We all have a dark side. I let mine make art from time to time. 
If you have any questions or want to provide some constructive criticism, please email me.
If you want to see the artwork I normally make, please pop on over there. 
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