An experiment in a new form of graffiti.
Who is Well I Wonder?
Well I Wonder is my alter ego. It is that little voice inside my head that likes to yell at a person who has 15 items in the express 10 items or less shopping lane. It is the voice that yells at a person driving slow in the fast lane. He is the voice that likes to yell at idiocy. He isn't politically correct. 
 My name is Lewis J. Crawford. I am an artist who usually creates mixed-media photography. I'm also an educator. I officially created him in 2008 while I was in graduate school. It started as an exploration into visual language, particularly how people see and interpret graffiti. At first, I pretended he was real and I was his superfan. Eventually, I owned up to the fact he is part of me. He usually makes virtual graffiti or prints. He likes printmaking processes. In recent years, I realized I was using his voice to create work during my undergraduate years. I hadn't given him a proper name or proper identity back then, but some of my earlier artwork was his voice. 
We all have a dark side. I let mine make art from time to time. 
If you want to see the artwork I normally make, please pop on over there. 
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